High time for an update… an update that I, in my usual fashion, don’t have time for. Incredibly, 12 months have flown by and I have a mere 6 days of teaching left before my contract is up. Then: 10 weeks of pure shenaniganism in Southeast Asia before re-entering The Real World back home in Long Beach. Until then, I have trip-packing, apartment-cleaning, box-sending, new-teacher-training, and loose-end-wrapping to do.

I leave you with a photo summary of my last month: an unforgettable templestay at Myogaksa, hiking scenery from Gwanaksan and Dobongsan, and my mom’s lovely visit.

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3 Responses to stressing.

  1. Anita says:

    So happy your mom got to visit…have a wonderful time on your awesome trip. We will be counting the days till you and Garret bet back home! :)

  2. Laura says:

    your photography has really become stunning, madelaine. I’m really enjoying the unique perspectives you use. Crossing fingers that you have to come back through NYC before you go to LA <3

  3. aww, thank you both. can’t wait to make it home soon! (ish :) )

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